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  • polysaccharides — n. pl. [Gr. polys, many; L. saccharum, sugar] A carbohydrate, one molecule of which can yield by hydrolysis, many monosaccharide molecules, usually structural or storage, such as chitin, cellulose, starch and glycogen …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • polysaccharides — pÉ‘lɪ sækÉ™raɪd / pÉ’l n. complex carbohydrate composed of more than one sugar (Chemistry) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • bacterial polysaccharides — polysaccharides found in bacteria and especially in bacterial capsules …   Medical dictionary

  • immune polysaccharides — polysaccharides which can function as specific antigens, such as capsular substances …   Medical dictionary

  • specific polysaccharides — soluble polysaccharides obtained from various microorganisms; in high dilution these specifically precipitate the antisera to the corresponding organisms …   Medical dictionary

  • Polysaccharide — Polysaccharides are relatively complex carbohydrates. They are polymers made up of many monosaccharides joined together by glycosidic bonds. They are therefore very large, often branched, macromolecules. They tend to be amorphous, insoluble in… …   Wikipedia

  • glucans — Polysaccharides composed of glucose units held together by glycosidic linkages. Some types of glucans have a(1 3) and a(1 6) linkages and bind bacterial cells together on teeth forming a plaque ecosystem …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • hexosans — Polysaccharides with the general formula (C6H10O5)x that, on hydrolysis, yield hexoses; included are glucosans (glucans), mannans, galactans, and fructosans (fructans). SYN: polyhexoses …   Medical dictionary

  • carbohydrate — /kahr boh huy drayt, beuh /, n. any of a class of organic compounds that are polyhydroxy aldehydes or polyhydroxy ketones, or change to such substances on simple chemical transformations, as hydrolysis, oxidation, or reduction, and that form the… …   Universalium

  • Dr Myko San - Health from Mushrooms — Dr Myko San – Health from Mushrooms (Croatian: Dr Myko San – Zdravlje iz gljiva) is a Croatian private company, based in Zagreb, producing and selling medicinal mushroom preparations. Dr Ivan Jakopović (IPA2|jʌˈkoːpoʋiʨ) and Marija Jakopović… …   Wikipedia

  • Lycium barbarum — Lycium barbarum …   Wikipédia en Français


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